8 Habits of Girls Who Stay Skinny During Quarantine

During this government-enforced lockdown, it can be tempting to eat more out of boredom. Also, you may find that there are fewer opportunities available to you with gyms and fitness centers closed. So to stay trim, follow these good habits.

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Plan Your Meals

Rather than eating unhealthy food, planning meals can aid you in staying trim. This way, you can buy only what you will use for these meals and save money as well as calories. 

Use Intermittent Fasting

Rather than allowing yourself to eat during all your waking hours, and potentially expanding your calorie intake, use intermittent fasting. Give yourself a small window of time each day where you can eat, and then only have water for the remaining hours. 

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Exercise at Home

You may not have equipment at home, but you can still do lunges, weights with items you own, or even cardio running up and down the stairs. Also, Youtube exercise tutorials are a great place to start! 

Ditch the Snacks

Extra time doesn’t mean extra snacks. Try to avoid snacking between meals or late at night whenever possible. If you need something to fill the void, opt for a glass of water or a piece of fruit instead of unhealthy sweets. 

Drink More Water

Just because you aren’t working doesn’t mean you can crack open a beer at 9 AM. Ensure you are still drinking mostly, if not all, water to keep your body hydrated and help you feel fuller for longer.

Shop When Full

If you go shopping for food while you’re hungry, chances are you will buy more than you need, as well as some unhealthy snacks. If you venture out after a meal, your stomach will be content, so you are less likely to be thinking about all the foods you crave and more likely to make a smarter, more informed decision.


Losing weight is more about consistency than sudden flashes of motivation. So be moderate and think long-term. Allow yourself some treats throughout the week but then be a bit stricter on other days. If one day you feel strong, diet a bit harder. On other days you feel weak, allow yourself a little more leniency. 

Slimming down or maintaining your weight is not impossible during the quarantine. You simply need to make some adjustments to your day to enable you to get the proper nutrition and exercise that your body needs. So give some of these tips a try! 

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