The Best Hyperpigmentation Treatment Revealed!

Dear dark-spotted beauty, let's talk about the best hyperpigmentation treatment online. They say misery loves company, and boy, you’ve got a heap of company. There are millions of people – of all races and ethnicities -- who struggle with this typically harmless, albeit frustrating, condition.

Never fear, this essential skincare primer is a quick read …

Wondering how to tackle this vexing problem? Learn more about the causes of your melanin mayhem and how to help visibly reduce existing marks, while helping to prevent pesky new ones from forming. 

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Whatever you call these unwanted trespassers, be it liver spots, sunspots or age spots … they all under the umbrella term: hyperpigmentation. This condition occurs due to excess melanin production in certain areas of your skin. You know melanin, it’s the pigment produced by your body that gives your hair, eyes, and skin their unique color.


Damaging UV rays: Plenty of folks believe one cause of these spots is ‘old age,’ which is technically true. But what it really means is that your skin has been exposed to years of UV light from the sun or the use of tanning beds (or constant sun-worshiping) that can speed up the process. 

Sunscreen shields your skin from harmful UV rays – the culprit behind these melanin concentrations. You may call it “getting a tan” but it’s really your poor skin trying to protect itself. And you should know that beneath that coveted bronze color there is damage that will later surface as icky age spots on your face. Sunscreen is non-negotiable.

Skin trauma and acne scarring – picking zits is bad news! When skin experiences inflammation or irritation, it often produces pigmentation that can cause dark spots. Acne is a common cause of disruption that can cause skin to form a mark even after the blemish clears. When you have an acne blemish, treat it quickly and avoid picking at it. Aggravating an existing blemish can increase the likelihood that a post-acne mark will form.

Now that we understand the enemy, let’s send in Mother Nature’s cavalry!

Remember when we mentioned how many beauties just like you suffer from these skin woes?

Well, it makes sense that there are plenty of dermatologists and skincare companies will be happy to take your money for potentially harmful prescriptions and treatments.

But before you try any radical measures, let’s find out how to get rid of dark spots on face with these three natural go-getters.

Aloe Vera: Aloe contains aloin, a natural depigmenting compound that has been shown in studies to effectively brighten skin. It’s also been found to fade those dark acne marks left after pimples heal. Now wait till you hear about turmeric for hyperpigmentation. Aloe Vera gel prevents tyrosinase, the enzyme you can blame for your skin discoloration woes; essentially blocking UV-induced pigmentation.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C has long been praised for its far-reaching health benefits. One of Vitamin C’s top claims to fame is that it helps to inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase, which in turn prevents the production of melanin that causes the dark spots. Research shows that it can protect against sun damage, increase collagen levels, and reduce the formation of melanin to stop hyperpigmentation.

Turmeric: This bright yellow spice inhibits pigmentation in the skin and reduces the appearance of dark spots and pigmented scarring. A large study proved that a turmeric-based cream greatly reduced inflammation over the course of four weeks. It protects against the aging effects of sun damage and the formation of wrinkles and dark spots. Due to its stellar anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, curcumin found in this superfood reduces excess production of melanin, which helps to even skin tone and lighten scars left over from troublesome acne episodes. Turmeric helps prevent loss of skin texture and elasticity and promotes skin cell renewal!

But before you try any drastic measures, let’s find out how to get rid of dark spots on your face with these two natural go-getters.

Both Vitamin C Cream & Serum


Why is it special?

  • Brighten skin tone.
  • Prevent melanin formation which lighten Hyperpigmentation. 
  • Promote skin metabolism, and regenerate damaged skin cells.

Our advice? Ditch harsh chemicals and go natural, girl!

Skip harsh and potentially dangerous treatments to fade those dark spots. Start with a Spotless skin brightening oil for hyperpigmentation and vitamin C which both inhibits pigmentation in the skin and reduces the appearance of dark spots and pigmented scarring. These really come together to be one of the top hyperpigmentation treatments.

Aloe Vera is also great because it contains a natural depigmenting compound that has been shown in studies to effectively lighten skin and prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Above all, treat your skin lovingly with only the very best natural products.

Reveal Your Beautiful Bare-faced Glow… Naturally!

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