2018 New Arrival Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Mole,Snakes ,Vole,Gopher Repellent Pest Control for Home,Garden,Lawn #32052

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Pest Type: Snakes
Repellent Type: Ultrasonic Pest Repellers
Rated Voltage: None
Brand Name: Aqualin
Pest Type: Mole,Vole,Gopher


The mole repeller is to protect farmland, garden, lawn and another ground area from moles. It sends out electromagnetic oscillation wave so that the underground mole will be annoyed by the noise and move out of the protected area.
Product Description:
>Battery: 4 X LR20/size D alkaline batteries 
>Electromagnetic oscillation wave frequency: 500+-200HZ
>Activation: Work for 3 secs every 35 secs
>Coverage: 20-80 m2 with 360 degrees(depends on different situation)

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