Wind Spin Hair Dryer Diffuse for Curly Wavy

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Hair Diffusing Tool is a multi function tool for creating beautiful natural curls and using as a hair dryer. It could make your hair curly without damage by using PC high temperature resistant material. In addition, it was designed with rotating ventilation which could control your curl direction by changing the wind direction.

Production Features:

Multi Function—It is perfect for days creating beautiful natural curls and using as a hair dryer  after you showered, so that you don't want to hassle with drying your hair then using other heat styling tools to get nice curls!

Rotating ventilation-- It was designed with rotating ventilation, which could send the wind in different directions to control what direction your curl will turn in. you could creates beautiful, full, bouncy curls in second.

No Hurt---It is easy to use and healthier for your hair than curling irons or hot rollers, it can burn your hair. Twirl a head full of curls in just seconds.

NOTE: There are several common types of blow dryer that can't match with this Hair Dryer Diffuser. And we've noted dimensions requirements on the pictures for reference.Please make sure that the blow dryer you are going to match with meets all the following three requirements:

  1. The nozzle of the blow dryer is orbicular round shape.
  2. The diameter of the nozzle is between 2.01~~2.28 inches (5.1-5.8cm).
  3. The dryer cylinder tapers toward the end of nozzle.

Delivery Time: 3-5 weeks

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