Original 5 Second Fix

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Original 5 Second Fix



If you ever broke something and wanted to fix it, then this might be the most exciting thing you will ever read. Original 5 Second Fix is the only Magic Glue that can fix almost everything in your household in less than 5 seconds. With Original 5 Second Fix, you create bonds strong enough to pull a 4,000 Lbs TRUCK out of Danger! It is truly a Game - Changer.

How is the 5 Sec Fix Liquid Plastic Welder different from other glues?
Ordinary glue requires pressure between two parts to work.

The 5 Sec Fix Liquid Plastic Welder uses proprietary Liquid Plastic Welding Compound, a type of liquid that has strong adhesive property and only hardens under UV light.

Can the 5 Sec Fix Liquid Plastic Welder harden without UV light?
No, it will only work if you use the UV light provided. This allows you to adjust the object before fixing it in place.

What is the life expectancy of the 5 Sec Fix Liquid Plastic Welder? 
After every use, make sure to close it tight, and it could last as long as 2 years (stored under room temperature), but we have experienced much longer lifespans with the pen. 

What is the capacity of the 5 Sec Fix Liquid Plastic Welder?
The 5 Sec Fix Liquid Plastic Welder has approximately 8mL of liquid plastic welding compound in it.

Can I use the 5 Sec Fix Liquid Plastic Welder to connect parts that have small contact surfaces?
Yes, it is perfect for small surfaces - as small as a few millimeters!

Can I use the 5 Sec Fix Liquid Plastic Welder on wet surfaces?
Yes, as long as the surface is only wet but not greasy, you can definitely achieve the strong bond depending on the structure of the surface.

Are there any safety issues related to the 5 Sec Fix Liquid Plastic Welder?
The 5 Sec Fix Liquid Plastic Welder is designed ONLY for objects that are not supposed to be eaten. As long as it is not in contact with your food or your kids, it is absolutely safe.


    • Designed with the latest Military Grade UV Light technology, It grants you the magic power to create a perfect seal within 5 seconds that will last an eternity.
    • Engineered to work perfectly on wood, metal, plastic, glass and much more.
    • It is the ONLY tool you will ever need for all your fixings.
    • If you want to NEVER have to worry about things broken in your house, this may be the best investment you ever make to protect your valuable belongings.
    • Works where glue fails! Superpowered liquid plastic welding compound. Apply and the UV light welds like magic.
    • Waterproof, heat resistant, and 100% non-toxic.
    • Anything (plastic, metal, wood, glass, aluminum, elastic, porcelain, ceramic, fiberglass, vinyl, leather, fabric, you name it!).



    •  Length: 13cm
    •  Model Number: 5 Second Fix
    •  Type: Liquid Glue
    •  Style: Permanently Repair Plastic, Metal, Wood, Glass, and More


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